Terrific Tuesday

While this is going out Wednesday, I am calling it Terrific Tuesday because of when I heard and found these items.

Item #1.
My mom called. Biopsy results are in. Not Cancer. GREAT NEWS!!!

Item #2.
A friend on Twitter sent a link to this video. That prompted me to dig a bit more to find out about this guy and found his site here. If anyone has a reason to be bitter, Nick would be it, but he is not. You will fall down, but you don't need to stay down. Keep trying and never give up!

Now, your turn. Share something good that has happened to you recently. Or something that you read that made you feel good. Or tell me this stuff makes you sick (though if that is the case, I highly doubt you have even read this far). Hey, that is why the comments are there and I just made it easier than ever to post a comment. As long as I don't start getting a ton of spam, I will leave these looser settings, so if you want to post a motivational message about your discount pharmacy, please don't, as I will just delete it. Anything other than spam is welcome.

Thanks for dropping by.


Frayed Laces said…
Wow! Awesome about your mom! I love that video too!
Frankie said…
Great news on your mom, Stephen!

Hmm right off the top of my head...I woke up Tuesday, Wednesday and today. Everything else good or bad is a bonus and in Gods hands.
Stephen Andert said…
Thanks for the comments guys!

Frankie, you are right, waking up is the best way to start a day and certainly better than the alternative.

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