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In most sports, numbers are used to analyze everything from a baseball batters performance to the percentage of free throws a basketball player makes. In businesses, managers will use numbers to analyze their profitability as well as well as to identify profitable products and markets. I have likewise been trying to balance what I am interested in with what the people that come to my blog like to see.

To that end, earlier this year, I implemented Google Analytics to track statistics on my visitors. Don't worry I do not track any personal information about anyone stopping by here (I don't even think I can) but rather just information about how many people, what part of the country or world where they are logged in. So how did I do for 2008?

1332 Visits
18 countries
41 states
80 posts

I started blogging in May, but started doing it a bit more consistently in July. Also by July, I had gotten most of the kinks worked out of Google Analytics so the numbers above are not complete for the earlier period of my blogging.

The main goal of this blog was initially to have a place to lecture, rant, rave or ramble to no one in particular. That included topics that interest me including photography. When I started my photography blog in December, I knew that would mean that most of the future entries here would not be directly photography related, but that was ok.

It has been fun watching the statistics here. The one I enjoy looking at most is the countries and states visited. I had visitors from 41 states in 2008 and 38 of them were multiple visits. It was also fun to see visitors from all over the world. I hope that some of them find something interesting or entertaining and keep coming back from time to time.

Now here is the audience participation part. If you are reading this, please take a minute and post at least a short comment to let me know where you are.

Thanks for stopping by.


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