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CAN - step - step - step - CAN

Most runners I know use running to occasionally "clear their head".  You know, when the pressures of life build up and you feel like you can't get ahead, a good run will help to prioritize the important things and start making progress on them.  A few nights ago, I was at that point and ended up going for a run around midnight.  Nearly full moon and lots of streetlights made this a pretty safe thing to do for me, and while I was not able to fall asleep as soon as I got home, I was able to sort out my thoughts and feelings a lot better.  When I did fall asleep around 3, I slept so soundly that when I woke up at 6, I felt more rested than I usually do after 8 hours of sleep. 

That run was more of a "release-valve" type of run.  It just let me vent some emotions on the pavement instead of on my family.  This morning was more of a "clear my head" kind of run.  I decided to use a regimented 3/1 run/walk ratio rather than the "run till you are ready t…