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Fiesta Bowl HM - 12-02-12

This race report is overdue.  The rule I try to follow is "1 day per 1 hour of racing" and thus I am a bit late so feel free to drop my score accordingly when grading this assignment.

Woke up a few minutes before my alarm after getting a pretty good nights sleep.
Coffee and cinnamon raisin toast before leaving. Coffee is a new addition to my pre-race routine thanks to a new coffee-maker in the kitchen.  I figured it couldn't be any worse than the diet coke I usually drink on race mornings, especially since the carbonation has been bothering my stomach when I run lately.

Christine and I got some of the last parking spots and walked over to the race "village".
One of the first tents I saw was my old  team tent, Team Diabetes.  Got the chance to chat with Coach Dave for a few minutes.
Found the gear check (so Christine could drop my gear bag off after the start) and started towards the start line.
Last year, my watch didn't find the satellites till p…