A Game: Week 1

I enjoy reading license plates, so I started taking pictures of them when I could do it safely. So I thought this might be a fun way to share some of them. Sometimes they are pretty self-explanatory, others are more obscure than some of the clues in a New York Times crossword puzzle. Even the apparently simple ones might have alternate meanings.

So the game is this. Each week, I will post another picture and you all (if you are really out there) can post your thoughts on the meaning of that weeks plate. Sound like fun? I hope so.

Oh, there are no prizes other than the title of "Winner Week #n" if you are the first comment with the selected winner. My decision is final.

So, here is this weeks plate:

OK, so what do you think this one stands for?


Theia said…
I'm going to need to think about that one! Fun game! :)
McM said…
I'm thinking that one must be Evie's Acura.

Frankie said…
Eve's Acura

Are we the king of custom license plates in this state or what. Theres not a day that goes by that I dont see a custom license plate. Very rarely do I ever see the same plate.
Paul Both said…
I can't for the life of me, figure this one out..
Fun game! I've been thinking but couldn't come up with it. Duh, I should have looked at the kind of car! Mary and Frankie are smart!

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