Well, I have been trying to get good pictures of lightning since I got my new Nikon back in June. There are a few problems with trying to photograph lightning. You never know when or where the next strike will be. It is frequently raining. It is dangerous due to the possibility of getting electrocuted.

Tonight, things lined up for me. It was stormy, but not right on top of me. The lightning was striking pretty regularly in a few places, so I went up to our balcony, picked a spot and locked my tripod in that direction. After a few shots to get my settings lined up, the game was on. Trying to time lightning is a game of chance. As with any game of chance, if you play often enough, you stand a pretty good chance of at least a small win. After a few hundred exposures tonight, I ended up with a few shots that I think turned out pretty good:


Frankie said…

Those are some pretty bitchin shots! We had some good lightining up on this side of the valley too. I really need to get going on putting some money away for a Nikon
Paul Both said…
Those shots are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing them.
Theia said…
Great pics!!!

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