New Year's Eve Report

Last night, we had a family get together for New Year's Eve. My parents made reservations for a hayride and campfire dinner. We met at MacDonald's Ranch right around sunset. My sister was in town for a few days with her son and my brother and his girlfriend/fiancee also came with. My oldest son brought a friend with as well.

friends, horse
Everyone was entranced by the horses and their willingness to come over to the fence and visit. We got everyone together and made our way over to the wagon. We all piled on for horse-drawn wagon for the ride out to our campsite. When we got there and unloaded our stuff the cowboy took off with our wagon and said he would be back at 9 unless we called for an earlier pickup.

The fire was going when we got there, so all we needed to do was add wood when it needed it.

fire, campfire, bonfire

There was a generator running some lights at some of the picnic tables and a couple porta-potties. We sat down to eat and while we were eating, we heard some coyotes howling. We didn't see them, but they sure sounded close. After we ate, we played some games, made smores and visited around the fire.

stars, cactus, saguaro, night, dusk
We enjoyed our evening under the stars and went back to the cars on another horse-drawn wagon and made it back home by 10:30 so we were off the roads before the highest numbers of drunks were on the roads. It was a great time and we had a lot of fun.


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