Visitors from the internet

I think that the statistics for the past 30 days for my little blog are pretty interesting. I have had visitors from 10 countries:

Czech Republic
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

A while back I had noticed that I had a visitor from Finland. I have no idea who it was, but I thought it was an interesting coincidence since my Mom is full-blooded Finn.

In the USA, I have had visitors from at least 33 states. I say "at least" because there are several that are listed as "not set". Maybe this can be my first "50-state club" and I can get people to visit from the missing states. The western-most states that I am missing are Idaho, Nevada and New Mexico. If you know anyone in those states, see if they will drop by once and represent their state.
I'll update the tally soon and see if this might work. Next time I'll list all the missing states and see if any of my loyal readers can help me fill in the blank areas of my readership map.


Brooke said… dad is a full blooded finn! So I guess you and I are tied as half bloods? ;) how are you figuring this out? by comments, or is there some way to track?
Stephen said…
Yup, we are half-blooded country-people :)

I use Google Analytics and I have it set up to track visitor information. I am using it to see if anything I say strikes a particular chord with people. It is kind of fun to see visitors from other places.
Theia said…
Very cool!

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