Running Rules

I first heard about the rules of running when my oldest son and I started training for our first HM with Team Diabetes. The ones that stand out most for me are:

1. The 10% rule. Don't increase distance of your longest run or total weekly mileage by more than 10% a week.

2. Change your shoes when needed (300-500 miles or new soreness).

shoes running triathlon run race

3. Stretch and warm-up before running, especially before speedwork.

4. Stepback or recovery weeks are necessary for improvement.

There were more and I'm sure if Coach Dave sees this he'll remind me, but following these rules took me successfully to my first half marathon, then to my first marathon, then to my first Half-Ironman and finally to my first full Ironman. By successful, I mean that I completed those distances on my first try and without any significant injury. Learning what soreness to look out for almost stopped my first marathon attempt, but new shoes and a few days of rest and ice kept me in the game. I did all that in about 3 years while losing over 60 pounds. These rules work.

I just found out about some other commandments. These seem to me to be a great compliment to the above 4 rules. The 4 rules are mainly intended to keep runners from getting hurt and joining the "I used to run" club. The commandments appear to be as much about promoting social harmony (#'s 1, 4 and 7) as motivational (#2, 5 and 11) as well as practical (#8, 33 and 34).

Interested in the commandments? Head over to Frayed Laces and check them out.

For the record, I think #10 and 25 are my favorites. What are yours? Leave a comment with your favorites or any others you thing should be included.


J~Mom said…
Thanks for the good luck comments! I appreciate your offer on the bento boxes..we did both get one to stash stuff...really helps!! Thanks!

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