School is Cool!

I probably never would have said that in middle or high school. I know I never said that about most of my college classes. I have finally found a school that is cool.

Digital Photography School is a great forum for photographers of all experience levels. I discovered it this past summer as I was considering getting a newer, better camera. It is a great place with a lot of areas. One of my favorite areas is the forums critique section. People post their pictures along with some information about what settings they used to take it and ask one or more questions. Then, other people provide feedback.

Generally speaking, this feedback is of a positive, supportive nature. Sometimes, that feedback means saying "I don't like it" but even so, that is done with a positive spin. Usually, someone providing that feedback will suggest something the photographer could do to improve the shot.

Usually though, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Not artificially so, but in a genuine and supportive manner. Even if you do not submit your own pictures, you can learn a lot about making good portraits or taking good action shots by reviewing other peoples submissions and the feedback they receive.

I think that the things I have learned from here have improved my pictures, but I'll let you be the judge. Stop on over to Flowing Desert Photography and take a look. One of my most recent favorites is a new picture of a local landmark, Red Mountain. I just love the colors and the shape of this mountain. I also love how it looks different depending on the season and time of day. The light when I took this picture was really good and I think really makes Red Mountain just come alive.


McM said…
When everything which is right all clicks together. . .

yeah, that is really cool.


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