Day Trippers

The family decided this past Saturday was a good day for a road trip. We packed a lunch and when everyone was ready, grabbed our cameras, jumped in the car and took aim on Sedona.

Partway up there, we decided to take a detour and head to Crown King. The last time I was there was several years ago and we had taken the back way up. That is a 4-wheel drive only way, so we took the "road" in. It was a bit slow going at times, with progress hindered by the road (bad in some places and only one car wide in others) as well as my willingness to stop anytime I saw something I wanted to get a picture of, even if it was just an old stone house.
More photos at Flowing Desert Photography

There were a few places where I really wished we still had the Durango so we could have gone to Sedona the rest of the way instead of back-tracking after our stop in Crown King to get some fudge.

As we got to Sedona, we stopped for the mandatory pictures at all of the scenic overlooks. Bell Rock was the first
More photos at Flowing Desert Photography

Several members of my family were willing to pose for a few shots. Including my wonderful wife:
More photos at Flowing Desert Photography

And my youngest also was willing to strike a pose:

After getting some shopping in, we drove around a bit more and found some nice views of the rocks light up with a great sunset, so I spent some more time with the camera out. (still doing some processing work on them) Then we stopped for a bite to eat. On the way home, we made a few more stops for some additional pictures. The starts were so bright up there that it was hard not to stay for a few more hours of shooting, but we had a bit of a drive to get home and a somewhat early morning to get to church, so I made this one of my last pictures:

Here is the recipe for a great trip:

Perfect weather, not a cloud in the sky.
Good traveling vehicle. We had the top down for a nice chunk of time.
Beautiful sunset.
Great family time with minimal squabbling.


Theia said…
Great pics! I love that starry sky picture.

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