Two Good Tuesdays

The news is all too often negative and it sometimes seems like there is not a whole lot of good left in the world. The only purpose for today's entry is only to point out a few of the good people out there trying to make a difference. The neat thing is that I consider both of these people friends as we are fellow members of a close-knit online running community called the 30-something's. Lucky for me they don't enforce the 30's part of the group.

Case Number 1
Larry is a volunteer firefighter. That makes him an example of good people right there by being willing to take personal risks to save others. That is not all. Larry is raising money to support his volunteer fire department department. That's right, he not only does NOT get paid to be a firefighter, but he is raising money to meet a need his department has. They do not currently have enough radios for each firefighter and that can pose a safety risk if all firefighters do not get a message in time or are not able to radio for help. Larry is running 4 marathons in 4 months to support this cause. Here is a clip about him from the news:

Case Number 2
Maureen is another friend that is running for a cause. Later this month she is running the Philadelphia Half Marathon. The cause she is running for is a great one. Back on My Feet is an organization that helps the homeless learn important life skills and self sufficiency through running, as well as working with partner organizations for job training, educational opportunities and housing expenses.

So if are sick of all the negative news stories you are hearing these days, here is your chance to help some folks that are a positive influence in their communities and help spread some good news. You can spread these good stories to you friends and if you can help these folks out, feel free to do so. Even a $5 or $10 donation will make a difference:

Larry's fund raising page.

Maureen's fund raising page.

I know there are more positive stories out there. Please share yours in the comments here so other people can be encouraged by good things happening in the world.


ahimsa said…
Thanks for posting Larry's video and the fundraising info for both of our 30s pals!

Keep spreading the good news!

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