Half Full or Half Empty?

Half Full:

100% of the votes in last weeks poll about making regular "good news" post every week said YES!

Half Empty:
There were only 2 votes.

So am I an optimist (half full) or a pessimist (half empty) kind of guy? Well, I like to think of myself as an optimist, but in this case, I am going to choose a middle ground. I will not commit to posting a dedicated blog every week about a positive story, but I will post a dedicated blog about positive stories every time I find one. I know there are positive stories all around. With just a little searching, I found this one:

Woman buys foreclosed home for stranger.

And talking about this next one always chokes me up a bit. You see, my youngest son was born with a cleft lip and pallet and while we are blessed to have had good insurance and were led to a great surgeon, many people do not have that chance. Operation Smile goes around the world donating the medical care needed to provide many kids with the surgery they need to have a normal smile. We realized that there is a bigger plan when we found out our son's surgeon had been to Ecuador several times with them. (for those that don't read here regularly, I was raised in Ecuador)

So when you hear someone talking about the economic troubles, the housing market collapse or any other negative news, tell them there are positive stories out there. Suggest they drop by here and then find somewhere they can help to make something good happen. There are needs all around, from radios for firefighters to christmas cookies for soldiers, to simply buying someone in need a breakfast sandwich or some groceries.


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