Photography Must Haves

Jeff over at PhotoWalk Pro recently did an article on Must Have Accessories for your Photography

The short version is here along with how I feel I am doing in each category:

1. Filters -- A+, UV/skylight filter on every lens for protection and a polarizing filter moved to different lenses as needed.

2. Flash -- F, but that is not really my fault since it is on my list as soon as I can afford another accessory.

3. Tripod -- A, I have a great tripod and an older more compact tripod. If I start doing more serious portrait work, I'll probably need another to hold off camera lighting.

4. Camera Bags -- B, The bag that came with my camera just does not work for me. The backpack I bought is pretty good, but it is a pain to get things in and out without putting the pack on the ground and unzipping the whole thing.

5. Cleaning Supplies -- B-, I have a lens cloth, but still need to get a blower of some kind and probably one of the other items mentioned in the comments to the article.


Frayed Laces said…
You forgot the most important thing! Something to photograph!
Stephen said…
"You forgot the most important thing! Something to photograph!"

But I do already have something to photograph! My wonderful running and triathlon friends races! (and that gives me an excuse to try and talk my DW into another trip to the islands)
J~Mom said…
Hey Stephen! I finished Tempe International around the 3:45 mark. With the shortened swim I am hoping to be closer to 3:30 but you know how those things go. ;>) So I start at 7:42 and hope to be finishing right around 11:15 or so if I calculated that right. How come you aren't racing?
Pokey said…
Hey Stephen!! Thanks for stopping by my blog....did you find me thru Lisa??? Where are you in AZ?

I'm not a tri gal, but I sure give the running thing a try :) You should head out to Chandler and run with us sometime :)

Your photograpy is just beautiful!

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