ASU vs Ducks

I got a text last week with an invitation from my awesome buddy Frankie to go to Saturday night's ASU Sun Devil game against the Oregon Ducks. After checking my schedule, I said "YES!!!" and we made plans to meet for a bite to eat before the game.

I had a super busy day (another post for another day) and was only home for a few minutes before I headed out to make a stop on my way to meet Frankie. We found each other right on schedule and went to grab a burger.

After that, it was getting close to game time so we headed over to the stadium.

The seats were amazing. What we couldn't see clearly on the field, we could watch on the jumbotron in living color. We were close enough that even with my camera, I could get close enough to see the smiles on the cheerleaders faces

and even some halfway decent shots of the players on the field when they were on our end of the field.

We saw some real and fake... tattoos (what were YOU thinking I was going to say?)

and some fans for both sides that really got into the spirit of things.

The game was fun too, but I am sure glad that I am not a die-hard Devils fan. They shoot off fireworks for any score, but there were very few of these:

Anyway, I had a great time and was very glad that Frankie gave me a shout to join him.

You can check out some more pics on my Picasa album from the game if you want.


sauconRunner said…
Sounds like a great time!
sauconRunner said…
Oh, and I'm sure you were just checking out the cheerleaders smiles, yeah, that's it! ;)

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