Old friends

Well, I was reading a friends post the other day and they commented on seeing old friends from high school. My wife has been getting in touch with some friends from high school. I guess I must be an exception in that there is no one from the school I graduated from that I would cross the parking lot to say "hi" to. Well, maybe 1 or 2, but I wouldn't even Google them to look them up, much less join one of those find all your old friends sites and get spammed by anyone that graduated the same year and state as I did asking "do you know so-and-so?".

Maybe some background is in order here. You might have noticed that I said "the school I graduated from". That is because I spent most of my high school years in one school in Ecuador and then only one year at the school I graduated from back here in the states ("the states" is what we called USA when we lived elsewhere). As a result, my senior year was not the most memorable in terms of friends and such since I had left all my friends when we moved and high school being the clickish place it is, a newcomer is not usually welcomed into most of the clicks. As a result, I did not go to a senior prom (I was able to pick up more hours at my job that weekend) and about the only date I had that year was with a foreign exchange student from Ecuador that was staying with a classmate from school.

Is this a bad thing? Am I complaining about changing schools for my senior year? Am I complaining about the clickish kids in high school? No. Not at all. Just explaining --to myself mostly-- why my senior year and high school graduation does not evoke the same feelings in me as it seems to in so many others.


J~Mom said…
I have 2-3 friends that I keep in touch with from high school and I am like you about the rest. I just have no desire to go back and revisit memories from high school. BLAH! Besides, do I really need another set of people telling me how crazy I am for loving triathlon. ;>)
Jill said…
Ah, are you referring to me? :)
That is something I never knew about you and what an incredible experience, living and going to school in Ecuador!! I'm jealous of that. I know it is really hard for someone to move to a new school, especially in your final year, and try to make friends and create memories. I was really lucky to be in the same school district my entire childhood. I know that. But, life is full of moments to connect with people and make friends. It's not all about high school. Just think of this huge group of runners we've met over the internet and have met in real life also. That is pretty awesome in itself.

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