What's it worth?

Value is often subjective. A gallon of gas is under $2.00 most places in the US right now, but if you needed to get somewhere urgently, you would be likely to pay a lot more.

I can get a gallon of water at a machine near my house for 25 cents. If I was stuck in the middle of a hot desert, I would easily pay $100 (if I had it) for a glass of water to ensure my survival.

Stimator claims to be a Real Website Value Estimator. I was not sure about it, so I took a look at it and ran a couple websites through.

The first was a domain I have had for about 2 years. I use AndertFamily.net to post race reports and some family photos. I would classify this web page as "lightly used, personal information". Stimator reported this domain is worth $54 US dollars.

The second was a domain I have had for about 4 months. I use FlowingDesert.com as a main entry point for my new business venture, Flowing Desert Photography. I would classify this web page as "somewhat actively used, business information" and have been actively promoting this domain as well as 2 subdomains. Stimator reported this domain is worth $1,150 US dollars.

While these numbers make a bit of relative sense based on how and how much I use them, they really have no significant impact on me since I do not intend on selling either domain. It is nice however to see that there is value in the promotion activity I have done with my Flowing Desert domain.

What do you think? Run some of your domains against Stimator and let me know how accurate you think the numbers are in the comments here or give me a shout at @CactusTri over on Twitter.


Theia said…
Well, how about that? My blog is apparently worth $1,149. I think they're missing a few zeroes at the end there! Haha, just kidding. :)
I guess just because they put a value on it doesn't mean someone will pay that much for it. But I thought it was interesting.

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