Running last night was great. First 2.1 miles were run/walk with my youngest son and was at about 15 mpm avg including the ~5 min warm up and another ~5 min cool down. He is working through Couch to 5k (C25k) and just started week 2. I am using the runs with him as either an easy day or a warm-up depending on my schedule.

So after the 2.1 miles with him, kept going and decided to do another mile or so "faster". To be honest, I was thinking a mile or 2 at 10 mpm or so would be ok. After about 2 min, I checked my pace and Mr Garmin said I was doing about 8:30. It felt ok and I thought I could hold that for a mile, so I picked up the effort a bit, and got my average for that mile as low as about 7:20 for a bit and just tried to hold it together for the rest of the mile. I faded a bit by the end of the mile, but still managed to make that 3rd mile in under 8 minutes.

This morning, I felt fine, with to tightness or soreness. I had a 20 min chair massage and she said that there was very little tightness in my back or shoulders.

I am trying to balance taking it easy with getting back my endurance and speed from last year in hopes of getting another marathon under my belt this year and possibly getting closer to qualifying for the Boston Marathon. That is a big goal and one I want to achieve before tackling Ironman again in a few years.

What about you? How are your fitness goals coming? Are you making any progress toward them? Let me know in the comments or head over to Twitter and let me know.


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