Day hike

The Plan.

This kind of weather makes it hard to stay inside so I decided to head out for an afternoon hike up in the mountains. My youngest son decided to join me so we grabbed my camera bag and headed out early afternoon.


We headed out to the Superstition mountains and found the trailhead we had selected without any problem. About 3pm, we headed out from the car. We had no rush to set a fast pace and just set out along the trail. We had great weather, mostly clear skies with just a few white puffy clouds floating by. Perfect t-shirt weather.

The chart on the right shows the elevation. Pretty gentle till the last section before we turned around where it go a bit steep.

The overall pace is surprisingly low, even when you consider that this was the longest my son and I have gone together, but we stopped quite a few times for sight-seeing. There are some amazing views in the Superstition mountains as well as quite a bit of wildlife. Several times we saw several hummingbirds at the same time.

The Numbers.

Just over 4 miles
About 1450 ft of elevation gain
Average temp was 56* F
110 pictures taken (keep an eye over at, they will start turning up soon).


A great way to spend an afternoon.


Keath said…
Mmmm. How I miss the Superstition Mountains. That was some nice hiking.

What do you use to track your hikes? I'm looking for something to track my runs and would like it to be able to serve somewhat double duty for hiking/orienteering/geotagging.
Stephen Andert said…
We did have a great time and the weather was AWESOME.

I had my Garmin 201 with me and then uploaded it to to get the additional data (elevation and weather mainly). I only upload key workouts or races, but I almost always wear it for any run or ride.

I also had my other GPS unit with me as a backup in case we got lost and the Garmin died on me, but it stayed in my pocket most of the time.
Keath said…
Thanks Stephen - that looks like a very helpful site. I'm currently using w/ their blackberry app, but that leaves much to be desired.
Stephen Andert said…
If you are only trying to find distance and are on streets, works too, and is as accurate as your memory of which way you ran.

I don't always have my phone with me, and sometimes hike where there is no cell service, so not sure a phone app would work for me.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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