Recognizing your friends

OK, I have known for some time now that the group of virtual folks I hang out with over at is a lot of fun. I have also known for quite some time that they are a great group of people. I know that among the ones I have actually met in person, 100% are people I am happy to call my friends. These are people that upon finding out my wife was in the hospital have been making sure I knew they were thinking of me, praying for me and in general sending out "good vibes". There are people I know and see on a daily basis that have not shown that much concern and that just goes to show you that if "home is where the heart is" then "friends can be people you've never met."


Frankie said…
Isnt it amazing how that works?! Im glad we could be of help for you and your wife Stephen. Not sure what else I can do but if you need something feel free to call me. Keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers

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