A Game: Week 5

OK, For the Week 4, we again have no winner for now. That means the standings are:

Frankie - 1
Mary - 1
Me - 2

Week 4 will remain without a winner. I think I can find out whose car the week 4 plate belongs to. If so, I will ask them and award points later. If any more guesses come in, I will consider it (if I notice it, so if you think you figured it out, send me an email or post the guess in a current entry and label it Week 4 Guess.)

Also, you may have noticed that I am using the word "week" very loosely. It will be at least 7 calendar days for each contest, and I will try to keep it to less than 2 weeks.

The week 5 entry may be easier (or not, you never know):

Good luck!


McM said…
there are a couple of things I really WANT it to be, but dammit if they can't be. . .


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