A Game: Week 4

OK, For the Week 3, we have no winner. That means the standings are:

Frankie - 1
Mary - 1

Week 3 will remain without a winner. If a later suggestion comes in, I will consider it (if I notice it, so if you think you figured it out, send me an email or post the guess in a current entry and label it Week 3 Guess.)

Here is the entry for this week:


Frankie said…
Just a guess, Im going with cinch. Thinking is c wasnt available when they requested the plated.
Joe said…
I was thinking two things

1) 1000 inch (but a 1000 inch what though...hmmm)
2) It's the driver's last name or nickname?
Stephen said…
hmmm... tough call for the judges... still debating. Any votes to help the judges?

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