Iron Burnout

Before I ran my first HM, my coach told me about post-race depression that could make it hard to keep running. I didn't experience it then. I figured 9 months later after my first marathon I would encounter it. I didn't then either. Nor after my second, third or fourth marathons in the subsequent 14 months. Not even after a rough first Half-Ironman where the altitude slowed my run to a personal worst HM time of 3 hours.

So I guess I was due. I had not missed more that a few days of running, biking or swimming for about 3 years. I had planned on taking it easy after my IM debut in April. I hadn't figured on taking it this easy for this long.

I have not been on my bike since April and have been swimming only once or twice. I did get back to running 3 days a week a few times, but have not gone above about 6 miles at a time and it has been hit-or-miss lately.

Getting motivated to run in the summer in the desert is hard, but I am trying to do it. My plan is to make progress in manageable levels. Level 1 is "Get out for 30 min 4 times a week." That will be walking, running, biking or swimming, but for at least 30 minutes. I went out for a 30 min walk yesterday after work. It was still over 100* F, so I was dripping sweat even though it was only a mildly brisk pace. Probably about 1.8 miles in 30 min, but it felt good.

If I make Level 1 this week, I'll try Level 2 next week where at least 1 of the days is a run or run/walk or bike with no pace or mileage goals, but still keeping the 30 minute minimum.

I'll figure out Level 3 in a week or two. Suggestions for a small but meaningful increment are welcome.


Paul Both said…
I feel ya man! Hang in there, I think it is normal. I'm going through it too.

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