Update from Boston

Sometimes a stranger can bring great meaning to your life. - fortune cookie

After walking around in the rain for awhile, I decided to grab a quick bite to eat from McDonald's. Not the healthiest choice, but once in a while it's not too bad. I was partway back and I felt the bag shift a bit. Before I knew it, my bag was torn and most of my fries were on the sidewalk along with my napkins. One friendly passerby chuckled and said something like "sucks to be you doesn't it" which was in line with a fair number of people I have encountered here this week. [Side note: Before all you Bostonians jump all over me, I have encountered a fair number of sociable and friendly people here as well.]

This brings me to the point of my fortune cookie. The whole incident could have ticked me off and ruined my afternoon, but it didn't for two reasons. One is that I try to not let minor things (people cutting me off in traffic, spilled milk, lack of casual dress-codes, etc.) ruin my day.

The other is that another passerby stopped (in the rain) and helped me pick up my stuff. She asked if I wanted the napkins I dropped. I said, I would just throw them away and looked around for a trash can. Not seeing one, she said not to worry, she would throw them away for me. She had no reason to stop and help and in the rain, every reason not to, but she still did.

Just a random act of kindness that someone did that helped brighten up a rainy day for this traveler. Reminds me I need to keep my eyes open for opportunities to "pay it foreword".

Boston pictures to come soon over on my photo blog.


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