No, not just the English greeting or a toast. Cheers was one of my favorite sitcoms so while in Boston I stopped by the Bull & Finch which was the inspiration for the show.
That's me next to the famous stairs down the the bar "where everyone knows your name".

I enjoy barfood, after all, what's not to like about greasy fries and a grilled burger. Since I am a bit cynical, sometimes I think that "landmarks" don't have great food. Maybe it is because they get a sizeable chunk of their business from tourists that won't be back for the next weekly special they don't feel the need to try to make their food special. Maybe the demanding nature of some tourists make it hard to keep good kitchen help. Whatever the reason, I have seen it more than once and accordingly was not planning on anything special at Cheers.

I was surprised! The cheeseburger I had was probably second only to a great place in Minnesota. (I think it was called the Lion's Tap. Anyone been there recently? Is it still good?)
Anyway, the burger was cooked the way I ordered it and was just the right amount of greasy. The fries were ok, but with a burger like that, who cares? One of the people I was with had a turkey sandwich and said it was a bit dry and lamented trying to eat healthy. The other person also had a burger and agreed that it was great.

It was also about the only sun we had all week, so I was glad I had my camera with me to get a few pictures, even if it did help make us a few minutes late back to class.

Now I turn it over to you, blog readers. Do you have a favorite restaurant? Any "famous" ones that you've been to with great food? Leave a comment here or shout out over on Twitter. Don't know what Twitter is? Go visit and sign up and join the fun. An upcoming blog post will talk about one way Twitter is useful to just about anyone.


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