Hiking & Computers

Hiking and computers really have nothing in common, but I have to talk about both and I'm too lazy to make to make 2 separate posts.


Good news is my laptop is back and mostly 100%. It did take me about a week to get most of my programs reinstalled and get the operating system patched back to a reasonably current level.

Bad news is the family pc took another dump. Even worse is the timing, I am out of town and can't even work on it till Saturday. That is a bit of a problem for my oldest son will need to use a neighbors computer for his school work. It is a near catastrophe for my wife who will now be hopelessly backlogged on her FaceBook "work".

Hopefully I can get it back up and running quickly, but may need to pick up a new pc since this one has now had strange problems a couple times in the past couple months. If so, I'll put Linux on this and fire up some "uptime" tracking tools to see if I can figure out if it is hardware or operating system related.


This past Saturday, one of my nephews came to town for a week with my parents. My youngest son and I talked them into going on a hike with us. We went to the San Tan mountains as they are pretty close and I had not been there since they closed off a bunch of the trails to 4x4 vehicles (used to have some fun with the Durango there, almost rolled it once)desert, hiking, AZ, cactus, San Tan, mountain, boys. There were some up's and down's like this, but nothing to extreme or risky.

Just don't let my sister see that sign in the picture below. :)

We had fun and hiked about 2.5 miles. We might have gone longer, but some of the older group was getting tired and the other one needed to pack for a trip very early the next morning (some would say later that night).

desert, hiking, AZ, cactus, San Tan, mountain, boys


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