That was quick

A week is an eternity for someone like me to live without their main computing machine, so facing the prospect of 2 weeks of waiting and fighting with the rest of the family for computer time was daunting. But that was the only way to get my laptop back to fully working condition.

Return shipping to the repair center was "next afternoon" service, so I was pleasantly surprised when the next morning I got an email (email on the phone has become vital without a laptop) saying they had received it and were starting to work on it. Estimates were 7-9 working days before they would send it back.

The next afternoon (Friday) I got another email saying it was on it's way back. FedEx web site confirmed that it was on its way and should be home Monday afternoon.

Now the questions are:

1. Is everything working?
2. Did I get my own hard drive back or will I spend the next 2-3 weeks reinstalling and reconfiguring things to my liking?

Stay tuned for updates...


JP Gonzalez said…
Detox was shorter than expected, then...
Stephen said…
I had the phone to use as a crutch, so that helped.

They did do a reinstall, so time to reinstall and reactivate all my stuff. Argggh what a pain.

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