Repairs are underway

My main machine is in a box on it's way to Texas for repairs, so updates may be a bit scarce here for the next week or so. I have all my important files and stuff backed up on 2 different hard drives and am planning on using the family machine to get a few blog posts up, but there will probably be less posts for the next couple weeks.

In the meantime, feel free to browse some of my older posts. Comments on the older posts will not be posted till I moderate them, but that is just to make sure a spam-bot doesn't go crazy on me. Plus that ensures that I don't overlook a comment on an older post.

Also, you can feel free to checkout my photoblog over at Flowing Desert Photography. I may be a bit less frequently visible on Twitter during the week, but feel free to give me a shout there if you want to say hi.

See you soon.


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