A New Addition...

Giovanni arrived to the world late last week allowing my little brother to finally become a fellow member of the "Fathers of boys" club. I am sad to report that none of Giovanni's cousins that have met so far wanted to spend any time with him.

baby, newborn, blanket, boy

Just kidding. Not since the arrival of the Wii game system in our house have I seen my boys argue over sharing this much. baby, newborn, blanket, boy

Giovanni's parents also seem to be pretty taken in with him which is a good thing since they will be spending a lot of time with him for the next 15 years or so.

baby, newborn, blanket, family, mom, dad

A few more pictures over at my photoblog if you still have not gotten your fill of baby pictures. Clicking on any picture will take you to a bigger version.


Joe said…
Awww...he's a cutie :) Congrats to everyone there

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