I just read this blog post about perfection and really liked it. No, I usually do not beat myself up over perfection in most areas of my life. The bed does not need to be perfect when I make it in the morning (and if I'm in a hurry and it does not get made, I don't spend the day worrying about it). The Sunday newspaper can be on the couch next to my seat past Wednesday without giving me an ulcer. I can write an email and not worry that the grammar police are issuing a warrant for my arrest. When I do my work, it is important for me to do what is needed to keep my employer in business. That does not always mean the best database design or the most efficient SQL, and I have to be ok with that.

When I work on my photography though, I tend to put a lot more effort into making things look the way that I feel is professional. Sometimes that means I delete a picture that is 95% great. Other times that means that I spend way too many hours getting it from 95% great to 99% great. There will always be something I think I need to do to "finish" one of my better photographs and I have to allow myself to accept that sometimes that is what makes my pictures special.


My Cats Like Me said…
Thanks for the link :) Glad you liked the post.

I think anyone doing something creative can get wrapped up in perfection. The post was originally inspired by my boyfriend who is a drummer. I think creative people deal with this alot.

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