Internet Development Skills

Many, many years ago, soon after Al Gore finished creating the first release of the internet, I made a few web pages. Nothing fancy, just some text and pictures to prove I could do it.

About a year later, I was in a new job and was responsible for our corporate network. As a result, I learned about configuring routers and understanding more about the technologies to access the internet from a corporate network.

At my next job a few years later, part of my job was taking care of the servers that maintained my employer's DNS information. That put me in close contact with some of the core operations of the internet.

Other than those periods of time, my experience with the internet has been mostly as an end-user. I surf, I email, I game. From time-to-time, I would also dabble in looking up information with a "whois lookup" to find out who was behind a web site, but usually I have been away from the infrastructure of the internet for about 8 years.

Having recently registered a domain for my budding photography business (Flowing Desert Photography, feel free to stop by and say "hi") I wanted to have a bit more flexibility and control over what I used on my domain. The answer I decided to go with is to move my picture galleries to a subdomain ( and use the main domain ( as a main home page for my photography business. I also decided to start a dedicated Photo Blog using another subdomain ( that would be accessible from the main home page.

Once I had the action plan of what I wanted it to look like, I then needed to figure out what I needed to do to implement it. Setting up the subdomains was pretty easy once I had figured out that was the way I should go. Pointing the subdomains to the right places -- the blog subdomain to blogger and the photos subdomain to smugmug -- was a bit trickier. With some help from my hosting tech support and a few online searches along with a little patience (it is not an instant change) I finally got things all pointed in the right direction this past weekend.

I am satisfied with the first release, but have a list of things that I want to do to enhance the design and content. Feel free to take a look at and either leave comments on the blog over there or on this blog (I still plan on keeping this blog alive with non-photo stuff) or shoot me an email with any comments. Graphic design is NOT my strong suit so this will be a slow process as I try to figure out how to add an image to the background of the page and make other elements transparent in addition to updating with interesting content on a regular basis to hopefully keep your interest.

Thanks for stopping by. If you like what you see, be sure and tell a friend or a comment. Better yet, do both!


J~Mom said…
Congrats on getting that all set up!!
Nettie said…
Nice job so far :)

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