Functional Strength Training

OK, so I was wondering if anyone has ever offered a class on NONFunctional Strength Training. "We build up muscles that you will NEVER need to use."

So I went to my first Functional Strength Training. Let me tell you that the word FUN does NOT need to be part of the word functional. After a few warm up laps of running, skipping, sideways sliding we did some crunches, pushups, jumping jacks and leg raises. At that point I was ready to phone it in the rest of the night. I didn't.

Next we did belly crawls (using only our arms to pull us, toes were ok if we needed a bit of extra help). This left me with some very nice mat burns on my elbows. Then a few more drills that reminded me of HS gym class (which I hated) and then we got into the station drills.

They set out 10 stations that we would do for 2 minutes each and then with a short rest move to the next one. Weighted lunges, wall squats with light weights in your hands and keep your arms moving, hindu squats (what they called them), bicep and tricep stations with rubber bands. Jump rope, grip twist, step up, one-arm chest press on a ball, crunches on a half ball and "figure 8's".

I was wiped we we finished and am really surprised I am not more sore this morning. It was a very good workout and my oldest son is doing it with me. We are going back tonight and probably next week will start doing some of the other classes (boxing, thai kickboxing, and others) to decide which one we want to focus on after our first month is done.


Frayed Laces said…
Hehehe....I think someone should try to teach a class on "NONfunctional weight training". Good observation!

Thanks for checking out my blog and the awesome words! I'm getting excited about vegas. As soon as my reverse taper is over, I'm jumping back into training!
Theia said…
Hahaha, welcome to my world! That class sounds a lot like my boot camp classes. Back to basics stuff that still works. Next time you're Back East, I'll drag you to my classes! :)

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