Running in heat

A recent Runners World article said to slow your pace by 30 sec per mile per 5* over 60. Since my normal EZ pace at IM in April was about 9:00, then I calculate:

60 - 9:00
70 - 10:00
80 - 11:00
90 - 12:00
100 - 13:00

That would mean that my 3.3 miler today at 11mpm was about 2 minutes per mile above EZ pace since it was 100*. Is that anything anyone has confirmed as a reasonable chart? Thoughts?

I am still easing back into running and did 9 min run 1 walk intervals and then the last 2 min was a cool down walk. If I can maintain at least pace/interval that for my training runs for the next month or so till it cools off, I will call that success.


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