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Running ... I have now run 3 times in the last 5 days. No distance records and with the heat we are dealing with, nothing too fast, but getting consistent is my top priority right now. I won't have a problem finishing the 5k in MN later this month(*see update) , but I probably will NOT be setting a new PR unless I kick into a bit higher gear and get 4+ runs in every week between now and then. *UPDATE: Challenge Arthritis 5k - 4th Annual on 8/30/2008

Photography ... I am spending lots of time playing with my camera. Took some lightning pictures the other night. They looked pretty good in-camera, but when I cropped them the way I wanted they were a bit grainy so next time I will zoom in a bit more to capture what I want. I also am playing with Gimp (free image manipulation software) and made a minor change to one of my favorite photos and had it printed at 8x10. I really like how it turned out, so I will probably be printing it bigger and framing it.

Game ... I am trying to decide on the next license plate. It seems that too many are either something personal that the owner would know or too obscure for people to figure out. I may do a multi-plate week with some that are a bit easier and give the "win" to the first person to get all of them. Stay tuned, I am hoping to get that up this weekend. (of course I am also hoping to get a "long run" of 5-6 miles in and mow the back yard too so don't hold your breath.)


Which 5k are you doing and what date?

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