Camera Time

My Father's Day gift:


I also put some film and new batteries in my old 35mm SLR and am going to shoot a few rolls with it to make sure it still works before I try to sell it. Maybe I'll get enough to buy some more accessories for my new camera.

Since I started carrying around my other digital camera, I have started to notice things that I had not before and end up taking more pictures. I don't save all of them, but I do save the better ones (i.e. the ones I like, regardless of whether a true "photo-connoisseur" would approve or not).

I'll definitely be posting more pictures here as well, but you can always check out my public galleries at Picasa.

Well, hope your weekend and Father's Day is as good as mine is so far.


Frankie said…
Very cool Stephen. Ive been kinda looking at Nikons. Havent made up my mind what I want to do yet.

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