I have been looking at cameras for awhile. Shooting with film is just enough of a pain compared to digital that I haven't used my old Minolta SLR for years.

I like a lot of things about my current digital camera, a Canon Powershot A95. It is easy to use, small enough to carry around easily and at 5 mega pixels, I get some pretty good quality shots. I also love the flip out screen. It makes it easy to get a great shot over people or a self-portrait without using the timer and a tripod.

But now, I am thinking about getting something else. I have been eying Digital SLR cameras for some time. I am considering the Nikon D60 and the Canon EOS Rebel XTi (or maybe the XSi for a few hundred more with a stabilized lens and a few more megapixels).

Maybe Father's Day will be good to me this year :)


Joe said…
One of my way down the road future endeavors is to get myself a real fancy camera and learn the art of photography.

In the meantime, I hope father's day is kind to you :)

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