Bike Rights

A while back when I was on my bike (bicycle, not motorcycle), I had a guy honk at me and wave me towards the side of the road (I was pretty much on the line and the shoulder went away completely just ahead). I caught up with him a little ways ahead and stopped next to him and motioned for him to roll down the window and said "did you have something to say?" He said "get further to the side and make room for cars" I said "In this state a bike has the same right to the the road as you do." he comes back with "you don't pay taxes". Since when do my rights depend on how much I pay in taxes? Not to mention, it is likely that I probably pay more in payroll taxes than he does, so his argument was not only flawed, but wrong as well. It is this kind of ignorance or bike-hating that contributes to the danger of biking when this kind of people feel justified in running us off the road.

One movement that is trying to raise awareness of bicycles is the Ride Of Silence. This is a once a year ride on May 21st held in many places around the world and is also held to honor and remember the many bicycling friends that have been hurt or killed simply pursuing a healthy activity.


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