Young Leaders

Ever see a business leader that seemed too young to know what they were doing? They take charge of meetings and projects and lead the charge on new initiatives. Sometimes they don't seem to know what they are doing and sometimes their bold initiatives do not make any sense.

I went for another run today with the dogs. Well, run, walk & sniff would be a better description of the activity. While I like the enthusiasm of Young Pup (YP), I really appreciate the more relaxed approach that Old Dog (OD) takes. OD usually stays right next to me with only an occasional foray into the bushes after some exciting new smell. YP likes to charge to the full length of his leash and tug the whole time. He usually doesn't stop to sniff things and instead prefers to charge ahead as fast as his leash will let him.

YP like to lead, but keeps looking over his shoulder to make sure we are still following him, like the strain of the leash isn't enough of a clue. Some leaders (in business and politics) do the same thing. They will announce a new venture and declare it to be the new and best way and then look to their staff or constituents/voters to make sure that is what they want to be doing.

YP was leading this morning and made a sudden course change and lost his balance right in front of OD. OD did his best to avoid him, but they landed in a brown and black pile of fur. Luckily for me, this was all off to my side, so I just had to stop suddenly. They picked themselves up, none the worse for the wear and after untangling their leashes, YP was off again with OD and myself at our more sedate pace, side-by-side behind him.

We should all keep in mind that failure is not often fatal and all we really need to do is pick ourselves up, brush off the dust and get back to doing what we were meant to do.

I enjoy reading Mark Kolke's columns. With the time difference and the fact that I tend to sleep in a bit more, I can usually read his daily column before I head out for work or for a run. Many times, he has motivated me to take a look at something in a new light that changed a negative to a learning or growth opportunity. Take a look at his stuff and I would encourage you to sign up for his daily emails.

p.s. By request, pictures of the dogs should be coming before the end of the weekend. Facebook friends Fans of Flowing Desert Photography will be the first to see them, so if you are on Facebook, be sure to Fan my Photography page.


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