Happy Blogging B-Day to me!

One year ago today....

There is an older post, but that was just a pre-dated entry to record my Ironman Race Report.

In the past year, I have ranted, raved, shared and bragged about everything from running to technology to family and friends. I have not seen millions of hits, but have seen over 2000 visits with over 3000 page views. I had some technical issues getting the statistics working which means that there were many other visits in the 2 months before I got all the bugs worked out and tracking reliably in early July. This many visits produces some interesting statistics. Well, interesting to me anyway:

  • visits came from over 30 different countries
  • visits came from 50 different states in the US. (Iowa & North Dakota missing)
  • top 27 states have 10 or more visits
  • only 5 states had a single visit
I have been neglecting this blog a bit for several reasons. I will tell you what they are and let you decide if I need either a kick in the pants or a pat on the back.

One reason I started this blog was to document my journey from couch potato to Ironman. After a successful race at IMAZ last April, for many reasons, I backed off of my fitness activities. A part of that was due to the mental burnout from 3 years of almost non-stop training. I have recently been more successful in getting some regular training in (running anyway) so I may be spending a bit more time updating this blog.

Another reason for my sparcity here is that I have started a photography business that I have called Flowing Desert Photography. That has taken some of the time I would have spent training or updating this blog. Along with the business side of things, I have also been hard at work with a photo blog for the business. Some of my posting here was the beginnings of that so most photography stuff is now over there, so feel free to drop by over there as well.

Well, hope you have enjoyed reading my ramblings here this year and I hope you stick around for many more.


Theia said…
You can't get rid of us that easily... Keep on posting, buddy! :)
Stephen said…

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